plan b


You can earn actual commission payouts for sharing other businesses links and when they make a sale, there is an automatic payout put into place for you.

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Bio Broker Status

No other company has better commission payouts. Paid weekly and monthly.  Build your book of business and see growth each year.  We have Opt-In pages for you to share and the tracking codes allow us to know you did the referring.  Set up a 20 minute coffee chat at Starbucks with your laptop and prospect and share all of the offerings that MyBio1 has to offer.  Take this business seriously and you will see BIG results.  You get paid quick - in as little as 7 business days! See your Potential Plan B Business Income:

Get 1000 in as Bio Community

(only 4 per day at $27)

You make $20 for each "Bio Community" Plan sold.  Just activate and maintain 1,000 people and you make $20,000 per year. This plan pays out every week.

Get 1000 in as a Bio Broker

(only 4 per day at $49)

You make $30 for each "Bio Broker " Plan sold.  Just activate and maintain 1000 people and you make $30,000 per year.  This plan pays out every week.

Get 250 in as Bio Broker Executive Status

You make $100 initial upfront for each "Bio Broker Executive" Plan sold. Just activate 250 clients and you make a total of $25,000 one time only pay out. Maintain these same 250  and you receive  $14.50 per month which pays out $3,625 per month or $43,500 per year. This plan pays out on a monthly basis.