What Is a Boosted Post, Exactly?

These days, Facebook ads are an integral part of just about any marketing campaign. However, like Google and other search engines, Facebook uses algorithms that ultimately determine the number of people your post will reach. Just like you can pay for a Google ad, you can also boost a Facebook post to make sure more people see it. Here’s what you need to know.

Boost a Facebook post to make sure more people see it!

Why Should You Boost Your Post?

The simplest way to explain the process of boosting a post is to think of the Facebook news feed like a ladder. A non-boosted post in the news feed could appear just about anywhere, depending on the time that has lapsed since you created the post and the amount of interest it receives. You rely on engagement to boost your post in this manner. However, when you pay for a boosted post, it moves higher up in the news feed without the need for audience engagement. This means that more people will see it, and you’re likely to generate more traffic to your website or interest in your brand.

Choosing Your Audience

You’ll get to choose from three different groups of people when you boost your Facebook post. You can show it to people who have liked your page, people who have liked your page and their friends, or a select demographic that you determine at the time that you boost your post. Some of the options available to you include location, interests, age, and even gender, and these allow you to make sure that you get the most out of your money. There are more advanced targeting options available, too.

Determining Your Budget

One of the best parts about boosting a Facebook post is the fact that you can choose your marketing budget. The overall cost involved in boosting your post depends primarily on the number of people you want to reach and the length of time that you want your ad to run. On the Boost Post page, once you’ve chosen your budget and duration, you can see the approximate number of people the post will reach. If you want to reach more people, increase your budget or update your targeting preferences.

Managing Your Boosted Post

Finally, Facebook gives you tools so that you can see how your boosted post is performing. One of the most important tools allows you to see the relationship between organic and paid reach. Organic reach is the term used to describe the number of people who saw your unadvertised post; paid reach refers to the number of people who saw your post as an ad. Click “See Results” at the bottom of the boosted post, go to your Ads Manager, or go to the Posts section of your Page Insights to see this information. In many cases, boosted Facebook posts can expand your reach significantly. In fact, the more people you reach with your boosted post, the more people you will inevitably reach organically, as well. Each time someone “likes” an advertised post, their friends can see it, and there’s a chance that they’ll “like” your post as well.

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