Top Industries You Should be Investing in Right Now

According to the experts, 2016 brought with it a relatively weak economy. Because of this, you should invest in industries and sectors where money is expected to flow – or in industries that have been predictable enough in the past to continue to persevere through difficult economic times.

Top industries to invest in right now


Countries often wage war over energy for the simple reason that people demand and rely on electricity, natural gas, and other fuel sources to run their home appliances. What’s more, without this energy, much of the country’s manufacturing industry would slow to a screeching halt. The demand for energy will never go away, and this means that investing in energy utilities – including hydroelectric and solar energy – is always a great idea.


As long as there are people, there will always be illness and injury, and that’s why the healthcare industry is another great place to invest. Even though more people than ever have access to healthcare, it’s the continued global outbreaks of diseases like Ebola and swine flu that remind people how dependent on the healthcare system we truly are. Because of this, the healthcare sector will continue to grow and take your investment right along with it.


Water is a staple in everyone’s everyday lives. Human beings need clean, safe water to stay alive, and this means that water must be cleaned, transported, and even packaged each and every day, year after year. Investing your money in the water industry is a great choice, primarily since water consumption is predictable and guaranteed in households and industrial settings alike.


Just like people need water to live, they also need to eat. Investing in the food industry is a great idea, and you can choose to invest in businesses that are associated with processing or packaging things like grains and beverages if you want to play it safe. Fast food restaurants provide another option for investment; many have been around for decades and show no sign of going anywhere any time soon.


There’s no denying that fashion changes from one week to the next, but regardless of what people are wearing, they will always need clothes on their backs. Consider investing in companies that produce and process the most commonly-used materials, including cotton, linen or silk. You can also invest in up-and-coming materials such as hemp or bamboo; these present a little more risk, but the potential for growth is definitely there.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Fast-moving consumer goods is an all-encompassing term that includes everyday items like toothpaste, batteries, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, and paper products. Most everyone considers these things “essential” in their everyday lives, so chances are good that people won’t just stop buying toothpaste anytime soon. Sinking some money into these companies can certainly become profitable, and because many of the companies that manufacture these goods pay regular dividends, it’s a great source of regular income. For the most part, when it comes to investing in a slow economy, it is often best to play it safe. The industries listed here provide you with many opportunities to watch your money grow without such a significant risk for loss.  

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