If You're Serious About Content You Should Have an Editorial Calendar

Content is king in today’s internet-savvy world, and for the majority of people who take their content seriously, an editorial calendar is a must. Not only does it help to keep you organized, but it also acts like a framework upon which you can build a successful business. Here are some tips for creating the best possible editorial calendar for your needs from start to finish.

Understand Who Will Read Your Content

As you create your calendar, it is important to keep your target audience at the very forefront of your mind. In this manner, as you brainstorm ideas for new content, you are better equipped to think about plans to deliver information and ideas to the people who want to see it. It is easy to see, then, why an editorial calendar is so very important for your content marketing campaigns.

Consider Why You Are Creating the Content

Now that you have your target audience in mind, the next step in building your editorial calendar involves determining the reason you want to provide the content. You might be looking to generate new leads for email marketing campaigns, improve your overall reputation in your industry, or get the locals excited about a new product launch in their areas. All of these things will impact every part of your content marketing, including the frequency with which you publish and the way your team organizes the content.

Discover Your Resources

Next, keep in mind that you are going to need people who are able to write the content – and keep it updated in the future. You have many options here, including hiring an outside content company to write for you, or even asking one of your staff members to write your content. Bear in mind that everything from the frequency of each post to its formatting and even the theme is going to depend heavily on who and what you have available to you. Make sure you consider each person’s area of expertise and assign content accordingly.

Discern How You Plan to be Different than Your Competitors

Another great use for your editorial calendar involves discovering which of your industry’s needs are currently unfulfilled, where there are gaps in your own content, or even what kind of industry-related events occur throughout the year in order to stand out from your competitors (and offer your readers something they don’t). Your editorial calendar can help provide some insight into areas where you can completely grab your audience’s attention with content that helps you meet your goals at the same time. Once you have gathered all of this information, you can start filling out your calendar with the types of content you want to create, when you want to publish it, who you will publish it for, and most importantly, why it is different from what your competitors offer. An editorial calendar is much more than just a plan; it’s the backbone of your entire business and the roadmap to the best possible content.  

If You're Serious About Content You Should Have an Editorial Calendar

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