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There are a plethora of marketing strategies out there and it can be all quite confusing. At MyBio1 Marketing, we are taking the confusion away and sharing your ONE simple marketing strategy to focus on.  Diversifying your marketing and advertising just like you would your investments is very wise and with the right budget and staff, you can achieve this over time.  If you have a small business, you may not be able to do all of the strategies all at once so you need to focus on the best strategy that gives the greatest impact.  Many businesses make the mistake of spreading themselves too thin by "dabbling" in so many different marketing strategies all at once.  There is a difference in a marketing strategy and an advertising strategy.  For instance, you may choose SEO (search engine optimization) which is one marketing strategy. If you choose SEO, then you will need to go down a detailed path and learning curve of all the appropriate keywords and algorithms to get your business seen on the first page of google search.  The problem is, when you finally get there, you could tumble down a whole lot faster than it took you to get there with the various changes that are constantly made on a regular basis with Google.   We want to present a faster route to monetize your business.  SEO should not be overlooked and is an integral part of marketing your business but be clear, there are many marketing strategies out there and you want to start with the ones that move you quicker to your goals.  Advertising is a different ballgame altogether.  Advertising falls under the specific marketing strategy you choose. .  Either way, you must research extensively for the different types of marketing you want to implement.  We have your ONE minute marketing strategy that will jump start your business quickly and simplify it for you. 


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