Are your potential clients really that interested in what you have to offer?  Get your own personalized marketing strategy to become a magnet to your ideal client and start making the money you deserve in your business. 

Hi, my name is Jon

I have always wanted to start my own business and I have a entrepreneur mindset that is constantly brainstorming new ideas. Problem was, I could not figure out what my focus should be exactly and what my next steps should be. Now, I have a concise and clear plan that I can implement immediately.  My story and my voice is finally clear!

Hi, my name is Brooke

I have a successful art gallery and have a pretty good grasp on the basic social media strategies but really felt stuck when it came to sharing who I was and getting my story out to the world. Since working with MyBio1 Marketing, I have built the relationships that I wanted the way I was comfortable.

Hi, my name is Leo

I have my own video production studio and we needed to really get the word out in a powerful way of exactly the services we offer.  MyBio1 Marketing brainstormed ideas that we just couldn't have thought of and put us on a path to long term success.




1. We have a simple strategy for your business

First, we customize a marketing plan for your business to implement right away

2. We review your


Your website can be beautiful but if there isn't traffic coming to it, you are literally losing sales daily.  We provide a way for more traffic to come to your site.

3. We love to share tools and technology with you 

You have great ideas and dreams for your business to grow.  There are so many choices of technology and tools to choose from so we've tested and researched for you and found the ones that work.

4. We found a way to double your sales

We found the "secret sauce" for success. There are almost 300 Million internet users just in the U.S. alone  and over 4 Billion worldwide and growing daily so let us map out a simple strategy plan that takes you to the next level for your business without "breaking the bank".