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I always tell people to pick a Realtor that you click with because you’re going to be together and talking a lot over the next few months, you want someone who will listen, and someone who will make sure your best interest is their top priority. 

So even if I'm not the realtor for you please don't be pushed into something you don't like. Make sure you buy the house that you get butterflies over!

Katherine DeNardi-Grant

Sales Associate, REALTOR®

Cell Phone: 502-533-9233

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2948 Yorkshire Blvd
Louisville, Kentucky, 40220 
United States

About Katie

I love getting to really know my clients and having some laughs with them. I always feel like I can relate to them in some way. I am married to a great man (Nick), who is one of my biggest cheerleaders. I have an awesome daughter (Sloane), who has really taught me to see the beauty in the world, to find my voice, and to speak up for what you want. Sloane is a Special needs kiddo and when I get to work with clients who have a child with special needs - I am in love. The best part about being a special needs mom is getting to meet all different types of people in different walks of life. 

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