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Why should you do your marketing on Facebook and have a Facebook Business Page?

Think of a Facebook Business Page like a mini website.  It takes a lot of advertising to drive someone away from where they are at already to YOUR website. So, where ARE people already?  They are on Facebook.  Approximately one-fifth of the entire world is on Facebook!! Over 1.5 BILLION STILL go there DAILY (and even several times a day Source: Facebook March 2019). The people are already there so that is where you need to be to capture business. 62% of marketers chose Facebook as their most important platform to advertise on per Social Media Examiner 2018 study. 


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Image via Social Media Examiner

The stats show that the younger generation are STILL utilizing Facebook along with other social platforms like Instagram and YouTube.  Facebook is going to great lengths to capture more of the younger generation.  Facebook bought out Instagram so they have the younger generation in that way too. Facebook is implementing different features from other popular social sites to be more competitive.  For instance, your business can post employment opportunities with an easy application process that really outshines Linkedin.  Facebook implemented the fun snapchat like "stories" that go away after 24 hours.  It even has Facebook "Watch" which is trying to capture the die hard YouTubers out there.  Did you know you can now start a store and sell on Facebook?  They want to be a one stop shop for business and fun.  These are the main reasons among many to START with Facebook as your marketing strategy.  It's really a no-brainer if you do the research and we ALREADY DID the research for you so let's get started with your FREE Facebook Business Page. 


Now, before you start your Facebook Business Page, you must make certain of the name you will use because you can't change it easily on a Facebook Business Page like you can your Personal Facebook Page. Take a minute and ask yourself this question:

Snap a screenshot of this for your records to refer back to if you want

Below are some examples of Facebook Business Pages that are memorable. It is important to have a catchy name or character that people will remember when they want to find you again on Facebook. I recommend starting with your first name because your client may first start searching with that.  Soon, trust me, you will be known in your community with this name. So make it fun and take your time to choose a good one. 

Also, keep the name as short as possible for Facebook Ads.  If you can't use your name, keep the business name as short as possible.  It may not be recognizable with Facebook and Google for SEO purposes if you use keywords that are spammy in your page name so keep it real and simple.  If you don't have a large following, it may be worth starting a new Facebook Business Page and follow the steps we give here along the way to help your business grow.  Keep the one you currently have for now and see what one works better for your company.

TOOL: Here is a cool name generator to try:

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