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Unit 1 Class 1

What's your Number 1 Marketing Strategy?

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One Simple Strategy

SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE ONE SIMPLE STRATEGY!  We are going to walk you through a simple method and strategy to bring business to you and QUICK!  By the time you are through with this certification, you will have leads coming to YOU!  With so many social media channels to choose from, it is difficult to sort through which ones to advertise your business on.  It is unrealistic to present your product or service on all of them as this would be a full time job in itself so the best advice is to START WITH ONE!  Choosing which social media sites to post on takes some real thought to figure out.  Each social channel caters to different types of people.  For instance, Linkedin is primarily catering to business people and if you have a high end item to sell, this may be a place to concentrate on.  These are professionals and CEO's of companies that are motivated people who most likely have the ability to purchase a higher end product. 

In this step, you will take a look at some of the different social channels that are popular. We are going to concentrate on ONE and do it well.  You can always add another one after you get the first one looking great but let's keep it simple for now and grow into the others later.  Here are the 7 main social channels:

1.  FACEBOOK:  Worldwide, there are over 2 billion monthly active users (Source: Facebook 4/24/2019), this is a great one to start with. WHY?  Facebook bought out Instagram so they are connected now.  2 Powerhouses in one!  This is where you can start attracting and gaining clients.  It takes a lot to drive people to your website but think of your Facebook Business Page as your NEW website.  So many things have changed.  Facebook is STRONG and should never be underestimated of WHO they are drawing to it.  They are implementing features of Snapchat and connecting Instagram to gain the younger generation.  They have implemented a powerful platform to advertise with algorithms to knock your socks off.  You can make your own business page totally free and build a following right there.  With practically everyone jumping on facebook several times a day, this is one of the "no brainers" to choose.  Be ready with your great content to attract the younger generation. For now, mainly the 30+ age range is there predominantly.


As your business budget allows, the next most effective step would be to slowly advertise on facebook testing which advertisement is most effective. You can be advertising very inexpensively on Facebook right now and have access to it's very detailed targeting of your specific niche.

2.  INSTAGRAM: Facebook purchased Instagram and so there will be additional functionality coming as time goes on but it has always been a great place to show your images and build your brand here, Millennials are the predominant users going on a daily basis.

3.  YOUTUBE: Sharing interesting content and displaying your products and services is very effective with a YouTube account.  Video is huge! Allowing the world to see who you are and your authentic personality can make a difference in your business exponentially. Make a vid and educate the world.


4.  LINKEDIN:  This platform is great for the high end product and services that you have to offer.  Try targeting by industry or even a position they may hold like a CEO of a company.


5.  PINTEREST:  A great place to show off your beautiful photos of your products and the cool part is your pins link back to you and your business.


6.  TWITTER:  This is mainly a channel of building relationships and bonding with influencers with like minded interests.

7.  SNAPCHAT:   Share photos and videos in a "story" that is broadcasted to all your followers.


Now, let's set ONE up. 


TOOLS: If you already have social media going, here's a great TOOL to help you out.  Go to Post Planner to get articles for your business already made up for you.  Make sure you give permission on the social sites so posts show up.


Do you need additional help with your social media site?  Allow MyBio1Marketing LLC to help your business. We are here for you.  Reach out to us at or text Marci at 812-698-0574.

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