Facebook vs.Other Social Media

Do you know what social media platform to use for your business?  Let's look at some stats that will help us better understand which ones to choose.  These are daily active users vs. monthly active users which makes a BIG difference because we want to be where the people are at every day.  If we can only concentrate on ONE for starters, Facebook is the obvious choice.  Learn how to make an effective Facebook Business Page (compare to a website because you can even sell on Facebook now) and get step-by-step and hands on learning to do your very own Lead Generation Ad in the Inner Circle Networking Group.  Ask Marci about this industry specific group.  The next one is Thursday, June 13th at 5:30 p.m.  Sandwiches and Salad will be provided.



Daily Active Users

187 Million


Daily Active Users

60 Million


Daily Active Users

191 Million


Daily Active Users

100 Million


Daily Active Users

6.6 Million


Daily Active Users

2018 Pew Research for Social Media

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