Does Your Website Pass These 3 Tests in the first 3 seconds on your site? 

2. Second, you must determine HOW you will make life better for your ideal client?  What problem can you solve or overcome for them with your product or service.

Example: If you are a Photographer, you must figure out what THEY want to achieve and THEIR desires. 

Girls want quick instagram ready shots that they can post like a selfie but get that professional model feel for that vanity side of them.

For a family photo shoot, she will want to know how to arrange the photos in her living room as an example.

Offer packages that solve confusing decisions for them.  Keep it SIMPLE and CLEAR.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 7.43.50 AM.png

The Versailles Package

(1) 16x20 and (3) 11x14